ISO 9001

We Are About...

Customers and Service – And Being the Best We Can Be !

We‘re not about any one individual but many, we’re about professionalism, commitment, caring and Team.

We’re about the right resources, skilled Stakeholders, ISO Certification and good governance.

About seamless supply, synergies and solution based thinking. And we’re about Birthday Cakes, Takeaway Tuesdays and happy dancing.

Most of all – We‘re all about YOU !

Trish Sellars

About Think Solutions

We are focused on People, Performance & Process.

Because we understand that all these components are critical factors to deliver the best customer experience.

What’s Important to Us - is You!

PEOPLE are our ‘Product’ being a service business so we ensure we have the right people actively engaged in customer service delivery. Effective interaction with each other and you is a key focus.

Being proactive, conducting ourselves responsibly and knowing we are accountable.

icon performance
Taking Nothing for Granted

Measuring the PERFORMANCE of individuals, our business outcomes especially the satisfaction levels of our customers is core to our culture.

Benchmarking and identifying continuous improvement opportunities ensures we remain focused on our Customers.

We take nothing for granted, including you. 

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Best Practice Delivered with Care and Commitment

Through PROCESS we ensure there is a defined method to all our major activities which is transparent, measurable and delivers the required outcomes.

We understand you need certainty with your outsourcing outcomes to let you concentrate on your core business activities.

Our commitment to ISO Quality Management Certification provides you with certainty in all we do.

You receive the benefit of best business practice – all delivered with a huge care factor.


Why Our Face Lift and Name Change?

Our name changed from Trish Sellars Cleaning & Support Services to Think Solutions Cleaning & Support in 2016.

Because our geographical area of operation has spread we believe our new name is more relevant of an organisation with a large workforce and established infrastructure.

Behind the new name is the same Team of committed, experienced, professional individuals who have, and continue to contribute to the success of this 31 year old service business.

Our re-branding to Think Solutions Cleaning & Support acknowledges that Team contribution, and we believe best represents what we do well.

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