ISO 9001

Preferred Supplier Profile - FLICK

Preferred Supplier Profile - FLICK

THINK SOLUTIONS ‘S Cleaning & Support ‘s association with FLICK spans many years with the provision of pest control, feminine hygiene, medical waste units and services.

Also operating within the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification system our organisations are mutually committed to providing peace of mind to our customers with tailored service solutions.

Flick Pest Control was founded in 1918 by W.A. Flick a professional pest exterminator. When the family sold the business in 1986 , W.A. Flick & Co had been Australia’s largest pest control company and one that was among the largest in the world.

IN 2013 Flick was acquired by Anticimex, a specialised Pest Control, Hygiene and building environment company that creates safe and healthy indoor environments for than 2.2 milion customers worldwide.