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Vinnies CEO Sleepout - A letter from Laura

Vinnies CEO Sleepout - A letter from Laura

Winter has arrived and delivers another level of misery to an already challenging situation for a number of people in our community.

For the homeless the reality of not having a permanent roof over their head must be particularly overwhelming at this time of year - people like Laura whose situation is described in the attached video link which I trust you take a couple of minutes to watch.

The video also reiterates what I believe is the critical part in being involved with the Saint Vincent's CEO Sleep Out and the type of assistance this great organisation and team provide to those in need. Not only an immediate response and stability but also supporting, advising and empowering people to manage either change or opportunities to improve their own circumstances.

From listening to some of these people they acknowledge they were provided with assistance and are most grateful. However all recognised it was what they did with the opportunity was the critical factor in the sort of life they would have going forward. With the support of the Saint Vincent's team making the right choices, a better future and re-establishing self-esteem and independence are achievable.

Trust we can rely on your generosity again this year - makes sleeping rough much easier having the support of friends, family, staff and Clients - we are the lucky ones.