ISO 9001

Medical Cleaning services - does your provider stack up?

Medical Cleaning ServicesProper cleanliness is not a luxury in a healthcare facility, in fact it is vital.

Each year there are around 200,000 healthcare associated infections (HAIs) in Australian medical facilities. Medical Facilities require a much higher standard of clean to prevent the spread of disease and infection. It takes the right products and skill to properly clean and sanitize a medical based environment.

Effective housekeeping achieved through a planned and efficient cleaning regime supports the prevention of HAI’s, contributing positively to the wellbeing of both staff and patients.

Does your current medical cleaning service understand and adhere to these requirements?

Points to consider when hiring a medical cleaning service for your facility:

  • Are their employees trained in medical cleaning?
  • How does your medical cleaning service hold itself accountable?
  • Is your medical cleaning service ISO 9001 Quality Certified?
  • Does your medical cleaning service provide ongoing education and training to ensure staff are capable and aware of both the confidentiality and security intrinsic to the health care environment?
  • Can your medical cleaning service provide value-add services such as Contaminated & Clinical Waste Management, Hand Hygiene and Paper?

At Think Solutions we understand that professional healthcare facilities cannot compromise when it comes to cleaning service quality. We are committed to continuous improvement and best practice which seamlessly align to our ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

In addition, Think Solutions Cleaning & Support can offer a range of integrated support packages, including Contaminated & Clinical Waste Management, Confidential and General Waste, Hand Hygiene and Paper Products with complementary dispensing systems, Security, Grounds Maintenance and support.

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