ISO 9001

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Commercial Cleaning for the Healthcare Industry

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Commercial Cleaning for the Healthcare IndustryThe Importance of clean, well maintained facilities and equipment cannot be underestimated for any business, however in the healthcare industry the associated risks can be much higher. Cross contamination and infections are risks which are typically not present in other commercial cleaning settings, so choosing a commercial cleaning company who understands the healthcare industry is imperative.

Your facility must not only look clean – it must be clean. Effective housekeeping achieved through a planned and efficient cleaning regime supports the prevention of healthcare associated infections (HAIs), which in turn contribute positively to the wellbeing of both staff and patients.

When choosing a commercial cleaner for your healthcare business, look for the following:

Training and ongoing education

Staff should be specially trained to meet the standards of maintenance and cleaning required for a healthcare facility.

Regulations & Standards

What certifications and standards do the commercial cleaning company hold themselves to, if any? Look for a company that has an ISO 9001 Quality Certification for peace of mind.

Integrated Support

Look for a commercial cleaning company who can offer integrated support packages and value-add services to save your business time and money.


Staff accessing your facility must be aware of both the confidentiality and security intrinsic to the healthcare industry.

At Think Solutions we understand that healthcare facilities cannot compromise when it comes to commercial cleaning. We are committed to continuous improvement and best practice which seamlessly align to our ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

In addition, Think Solutions Cleaning & Support can offer a range of integrated support packages, including Contaminated & Clinical Waste Management, Confidential and General Waste, Hand Hygiene and Paper Products with complementary dispensing systems, Security, Grounds Maintenance and support.

Talk to us about what your business needs and let us find a solution.

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