ISO 9001

Commercial Cleaning

Our service is tailored to your Business activity or profile, with a commitment to Identifying your Priorities and Maximising the value of your spend.

Regardless of what your Organisation “does” we will apply the same principals in identifying Risk, the necessary Resources required and the best Operational fit for your service package.

commercial cleaningCommercial Cleaning

Maintaining a clean workplace is essential for all businesses, to ensure a healthy environment for staff and to create an exceptional impression for Clients.

Think Solutions can manage all your cleaning requirements, offering a wide range of services relevant to your type of business and operational needs.

Common tasks include:

  • General Cleaning – All Surface Types
  • Specialist Services – Industry Specific
  • Hard Surface Floors – All Aspects
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Grout & Tile Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning


Our Process

Managing Key Factors from the very BEGINNING   -  Process, People & Performance
  • Regardless of a one off service or ongoing commercial cleaning program we have a defined process
  • This ensures we are responsive, manage risk, allocate the relevant skills and people
  • We communicate effectively and complete all work to the required standard
  • And we measure our individual, team and business performance
  • We are never complacent in regard to service outcomes    

Initial Contact – First Part of the Process – within the same business day if possible  
  • A Team member  will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours
  • And arrange a mutually agreeable time and date with you for an inspection of the work
  • We will have the relevant person there at the appointed time 
  • Following this a fully documented proposal based on the information gathered to date will be provided  
  • Both this first contact and all thereafter are monitored through an internal Register
  • This ensures we remain on track from a timing and response viewpoint   

Defining your precise needs – Investing the time to establish your priorities and scope
  • This commitment  ensures our mutual expectations and accountabilities are clearly defined
  • Understanding  exactly what works for you - do you want interaction with the cleaning staff
  • Or do you want it all to happen after hours?  Site specific timing and requirements?  
  • Can any of our support products or services add value to your organisational activities?      
  • This early consultation ensures the final program reflects exactly what you need
  • And on acceptance we move to the Mobilisation phase.

Mobilisation of your service - Our primary aim is to negate any disruption to your business
  • And to make the transition to Think Solutions Cleaning & Support as seamless as possible
  • Who are your main contacts, we will provide ours and what is your preferred method of communication?
  • We are available 24 x 7 via email or phone
  • We take your scope and break it down into a specific site Routine for the cleaning staff to follow  
  • We allocate the relevant tools of trade and products to ensure our staff are both productive and safe
  • All key Stakeholders are included in this process which includes risk mitigation and site specific inductions
  • We install an Onsite  Communication Register to ensure relevant  parties can communicate

Staff permanently assigned to your site –  stability and security key factors    
  • In knowing anyone accessing your premises is fully aware of your requirements
  • Additional selected individuals will be site orientated only as back up to cover any leave periods
  • Our staff  sign a Confidentiality Agreement and are hired for attitude and trained for skill
  • Presented in  corporate uniform, professional and committed

Making it all happen - We also assign you a permanent Team Leader (external Supervisor)
  • Who will manage all the above components and is accountable for  the quality of your service
  • You will have his/her Mobile Number and email address as a direct contact point
  • And they have the delegation to respond to your requests as needed   
  • One of the Team Leader’s direct KPI is to meet with you on a regular basis to record your satisfaction levels
  • In addition to service quality this opportunity can be utilised to mutually exchange site information   
  • This Client Call is in a survey format and covers the key components of our service delivery
  • The Team Leader completes the Survey as you are meeting and prepares the document for   your approval
  • Given your agreement we ask you to sign off the survey    
  • Any continuous improvement identified is activated as part of this process
  • We then track the corrective action process  via the Quality Management System.

 How we maintain the quality of our service - Monitoring our service outcomes and being proactive
  • Your Team Leader will complete documented Quality Inspection Reports at a defined frequency
  • Conducted with onsite with our staff, corrective actions or improvement opportunities are identified
  • An overall percentage mark is determined with both parties signing off the copies.
  •   Any result below our established bench mark triggers a response in our quality system      
  • The non-conforming result is elevated to a Quality Management Report (QMR)
  • Internal Stakeholders including our QA Manager ensure the root cause is identified and rectified
  • A  QMR is also raised from any external feedback in regard to service quality
  • This may include consultation with the Client until all parties are assured the issue has been resolved.
  • The QMR is not closed in the quality system until our QA Manager has validated all actions and outcomes  
  • We can provide Reports on both Quality Inspections and Client Calls completed at any time
  • These  activities are captured in our Management System and utilised for bench marking our performance

What value is our ISO Certification to you as a Client? – You have assurance we manage our service outcomes
  • Validation of service outcomes is a core component in  maintaining  9001:2015 Quality Assurance status
  • The documented feedback from our Client Surveys is utilised to demonstrate Client satisfaction levels    
  • And annual external  SAI Global third party  audit is conducted to ensure we are meeting the standard
  • We are committed to both best practice and delivering a quality product which in our case is service
  • And  to both internal and external parties to ensure our business outcomes are sustainable
  • We have many long term Clients who are testament we deliver on our intent


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