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Hygiene & Hazardous Waste

We offer a total service program including product and technical support for a range of Medical and Hygiene products.

Hygiene & Hazardous WasteWe offer a total service program including product and technical support for a range of Medical and Hygiene products. The service frequency is tailored to suit your site needs.

Service range includes but is not limited to:

  • Clinical & Contaminated
  • Sharps Containers
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Air Refreshers
  • Nappy Disposal

What exactly is involved?

Hygiene & Hazardous Waste – Needing to be managed effectively  
  • Waste material that has blood, bodily fluids or other associated risk exposure   
  • Aligned to  commercial cleaning activities as in hygiene or sensitive areas in the main     
  • We add value by monitoring activities as part of our cleaning process
  • Essential services which need to be managed from a safety and regulatory viewpoint
  • And a commitment to the wellbeing  of the  end users of your amenities   

Medical & Sharps Units – Containing the risk
  • Fit for Purpose Containers are provided
  • Both for general blood spill waste
  • And for razors and needles 
  • Units exchanged at agreed intervals by Service Technicians
  • Safe for users and contents taken off site for disposal

Ladies Sanitary Bins – Providing the amenity to manage this waste product
  • Free standing unit with a sanitised anti-bacterial impregnated liner
  • Unit is sealed other than access point – controls potential  malodour 
  • Ensures relevant disposal of product – not into onsite septic system   
  • Actual complete  unit is  exchanged  at  defined  intervals with a refreshed unit 
  • And the used unit removed from site for disposal of contents and sanitising

Air Refreshners – Smells nice must be clean – perception is reality!
  • Great for bath rooms with poor ventilation
  • Despite the best cleaning practices sometimes areas can be stuffy     
  •  Odour Control units contain microchip technology – mounted on wall
  • Choice of fragrances and  programmed to release at the required intervals
  • Unit is serviced at defined frequency including batteries and fragrance aerosols
  • And we can change the fragrance if you wish – keeping it fresh and noticeable

 Deep Hygiene Urinal Treatment – What is this and why would I need it ?
  • We aim to negate any issues  with an effective cleaning program
  • However uric acid  cam  build up over a period particularly in urinals not flushed regularly
  • And the drains over time scale up which can potentially  cause blockages
  • This can also cause malodour problems from the drains particularly in the warmer months   
  • A chemical  deep clean to urinal surfaces, floors and surrounding floors can assist
  • Besides the specific descaling process the chemical discharged flushes out the total system
  • Signage requesting the users to consider others and flush is another more simple prevention

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