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Pest Control – Prevention is better than cure

Pest Control – Prevention is better than cureWhen it comes to pest control, prevention is better than cure.

Unwanted pests can transmit disease and cause injury, such as bites and skin infections, as well as the financial loss that may occur in your business when infestations occur. Financial losses could include spoiled food and damage to buildings and equipment, not to mention the damage you may incur to your business reputation.

It is far more cost effective to have pest control measures in place to prevent infestations rather than treating them when they occur.

Reducing the risk in your office or workplace can be as simple as following these steps:

  1. Clean up after preparing food, including washing dishes and wiping down benches. Do not leave unwashed dishes on the bench overnight. Store food in sealed containers.
  2. Dispose of all rubbish promptly, particularly those containing food scraps.
  3. Check your building for gaps and holes through which pests such as cockroaches, ants and rodents can gain access.
  4. Engage a professional Pest Control service to provide a Preventative Management Plan customised to suit your specific situation.

Taking proactive measures and engaging a pest control expert who will take the time to understand your specific needs just makes good business sense. At Think Solutions Cleaning and Support we will customise a Pest Control Management Plan to suit your specific situation.

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