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Carpet Cleaning for your Commercial Premises

Carpet Cleaning for your commercial premises

Protect and extend the life of your investment with regular, professional carpet cleaning.

Investing in good quality, attractive carpet for your commercial premises is important for providing safe and comfortable flooring for years to come. Like most equipment, the life of your carpet can be extended with regular maintenance.

Commercial carpets receive much harsher treatment then a regular home environment due to the following factors:

1. Increased foot traffic
In a commercial environment you will have more visitors, customers and employees walking on your carpet on a daily basis. This increased traffic will introduce more dirt to your carpet, and over time will build-up and make your carpet look tired and dirty.

2. More pollutants
Because of the number of people visiting your premises the introduction of pollutants is highly increased. Pollutants can include bacteria and harmful pathogenic microorganisms carried on shoes, clothing and skin as well as chemicals produced by car exhausts, cigarette smoke and pesticides – to name a few.

First Impressions Count

The condition of your carpet can make or break the overall look of your office or commercial premises. Regular carpet cleaning will keep your premises looking clean and professional.

For commercial premises, it is recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months. Regular carpet cleaning will not only protect your investment but protect the health of your staff members by removing potentially harmful pollutants and bacteria from your carpet.

At Think Solutions Cleaning and Support, we can put together a regular carpet cleaning maintenance plan aimed at reducing interruption to your business and extending the life of your carpets.

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