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Reducing the cost of waste disposal in your business

Waste disposal

Regardless of your business type, all commercial operations produce some kind of waste. Dealing with and disposing of this waste is a costly task, but there are ways of achieving sustainable cost reductions and decreasing your environmental footprint at the same time.

1. Conduct a waste audit
Determine where the waste is coming from and which areas are producing the most waste. Major waste generating areas are generally:

  • packaging on incoming/outgoing materials
  • disposal of goods that have been damaged
  • disposal of goods that have exceeded their expiry date
  • by-products or off-cuts
  • office waste (e.g. paper and printer cartridges)
  • lunchroom and kitchen waste

2. Better Management of Inventory
Implement an inventory management system to ensure materials are stored correctly and are used or sold before their expiry date.

3. Provide recycling bins

Make recycling bins available in common areas such as offices, workshops and dining rooms. Place bins close to the waste source.

4. Donate food and unused items

Donate any extra food or unused items to charity. There are organisations in Australia doing great work in this area, visit these websites for more information:

5. Engage your employees
Include your employees in your waste reduction and recycling efforts. Listen to their ideas, provide training and create waste reduction incentives.

6. Outsource to a waste disposal expert
Outsourcing your waste disposal means you can maintain focus on your core business - while having a team of experts take care of the waste. Waste disposal companies have the means and facilities to handle waste disposal and keep your company adhering to compliance standards. Outsourcing your waste disposal ensures the changing needs of your company are met and your waste disposal management is always in check.

With an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, Think Solutions Cleaning & Support provides safe, responsible and reliable waste disposal and recycling services.

Our services include:

  • General Waste Removal
  • Recycling
  • Confidential Waste Disposal
  • Clinical & Contaminated Waste Disposal

Talk to us about what your business needs and let us find a solution.