ISO 9001

Commercial Office Cleaning – an investment in your business

Investing in a commercial office cleaning service for your business makes good sense. Studies have shown consistently that clean, comfortable workspaces and environments help improve productivity in the workplace. Unclean and badly maintained areas can affect staff morale and present serious health and safety implications.

Investing in a professional, experienced commercial office cleaner for your business enables you to free up time for you and your staff to focus on your core business, and you can relax in the knowledge that your facilities are being looked after by professionals.

Here are 5 great reasons for investing in commercial office cleaning:

Image and First Impressions

When a client or business colleague enters your premises they will immediately judge your company based on what they see. A clean, uncluttered reception area and workspaces will create a favourable first impression and reinforce the professionalism of your brand and image.

A healthy work environment

An unsanitary workplace is much more likely to foster the spread of the flu and other illnesses. Illness amongst your employees will result in lost days of work and lost productivity. A professionally cleaned office is a healthier office.

Increase Productivity

A clean, sanitary workplace goes hand in hand with a productive, happy workplace. Healthy, happy employees are more productive and efficient, so taking care of their health makes good business sense.

Meet Health and Safety Requirements

By law, businesses are required to meet certain health and safety standards. By investing in a professional commercial office cleaner that is aware of and follow the current Government legislation, you can be confident that those important requirements are being met.

Integrate your services to save time and money

Juggling multiple suppliers for cleaning, security, building maintenance, labour hire, waste management and other services can become time and resource intensive, not to mention expensive.

By engaging a single supplier you will:

  • have one single point of contact
  • create cost certainty over the period of the contract
  • reduce overheads
  • have more time to focus on your core business
  • reduce risk by engaging a Quality ISO 9001 certified supplier

Think Solutions can manage all your commercial office cleaning requirements. We offer a wide range of services relevant to your type of business and operational needs.

Common tasks include:

  • General Cleaning – All Surface Types
  • Specialist Services – Industry Specific
  • Hard Surface Floors – All Aspects
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Grout & Tile Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning

Talk to us about what your business needs and let us find a solution.