ISO 9001

Hygiene in the Workplace

hygiene in the workplaceGood hygiene practices in your workplace are an important element in maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. Hygiene at the office is more than just ensuring your employees wash their hands: it is an integrated approach aimed at reducing sick days, increasing productivity and improving the overall working environment for your employees and customers.

Research undertaken by “The Initial Hygiene Great Australian Washroom Survey” discovered the following:

  • Poor workplace hygiene has cost businesses $800 million in lost wages
  • Australian office workers are spending an annual average of 37.6 hours in the bathroom (the equivalent of more than 1 week of work)
  • 1 in 6 are on their mobile phone while using the washroom
  • 1 in 3 do not wash their hands every time they visit the toilet
  • 31% rated their washroom as average or below average
  • 40% believe better washroom hygiene would improve job satisfaction
  • 47% believe it is the responsibility of all employees to maintain better office hygiene

These statistics support the fact that poor hygiene in the workplace can result in disruption costs, lost productivity and lower employee morale. Companies cannot afford to become complacent when it comes to basic hygiene practices in the workplace.

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Our major product lines are supported with ‘free on loan’ dispensing systems that are clearly labelled, attractive and durable, and ensure usage is cost effective.

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