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Pest Control in the Australian Summer

Pest Control in the Australian SummerWe all love the Australian summer, and pests are no exception. Our long hot summers provide the perfect breeding ground for pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, wasps, fleas, ticks, ants and spiders.

These types of pests will invade your property from every angle, and can be found in your roof, wall cavities and internal areas where they can access food and water such as kitchens and wash rooms, as well as outside your building under eaves, fascia and gutters.

If left untreated, these unwanted guests will continue to breed and proliferate in the hot, humid conditions of our Australian summer.

Unwanted pests can transmit disease and cause injury, such as bites and skin infections. There is also the possibility of financial loss that may occur in your business when infestations occur. These financial losses could include spoiled food and damage to buildings and equipment, not to mention damage to your business reputation, particularly in the hospitality and services industry.

The best solution to a summer pest infestation is to call in the pest control experts.

At Think Solutions Cleaning and Support, our experienced staff will inspect your site and facilities and customise a pest control plan to suit your specific situation. Our recommendations may include a one off service or an ongoing Pest Management Plan. Our preventative pest control programs take into account factors such as seasonal and industry-specific requirements of your particular business.

If your business is looking for a reliable and professional commercial pest controller, talk to us about what your business needs and let us find a solution.