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Why hire a professional tile and grout cleaner?

Why hire a professional tile and grout cleaner?

Tiled floors look great, are easier to clean than carpet and they offer a crisp, elegant appearance to your business or retail premises. However the beauty of tiles can start to fade over time with the build-up of every day grit and grime.

Your flooring is an investment in your business, and regular care and maintenance is required to ensure your tiled flooring maintains it original beauty for years to come.

A commercial tile and grout cleaner will have the right equipment to get the job done including portable tile cleaning machines and the right cleaning solution to suit your particular type of tile and problem. This could include the removal of mould, stubborn stains, rust, calcium and everyday dirt and grime build-up.

A commercial tile and grout cleaner will be able to identify the type of tiled flooring they are dealing with – for example, marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, slate, etc – and choose the correct cleaning solution and method specific to your floor type to clean and maintain it. Using the wrong chemical or the incorrect machine on certain floors can cause permanent damage.

Tile and grout cleaning is not limited to floors – tiled walls in bathrooms and kitchens can also benefit from a professional clean from a specialised tile and grout cleaner.

A commercial cleaner will be able to advise you on the best way to maintain and care for your tile and grout between cleanings, so you can keep your flooring clean and fresh looking for longer.

By using a professional commercial tile and grout cleaner, you will protect your investment, extend the life of your flooring and restore your tiles to their original condition.

At Think Solutions, our professional cleaners can assess your tiled flooring and offer a solution for restoration and ongoing maintenance.

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