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Colds and flu: stop the spread in your office this winter

Colds and flu: stop the spread in your office this winterKeeping your office or commercial space clean and hygienic throughout the winter months is important because infectious germs and diseases can be easily spread during this time of the year, which in turn can affect the productivity of your business and lower employee morale.

Here are our top tips for stopping the spread of colds and flu in your office this winter:

Regularly sanitise shared surfaces

Shared surfaces and equipment should be cleaned regularly to ensure cold and flu viruses are removed. According to a study conducted in Arizona, viruses spread “like crazy” in an office. The study found that viruses spread like wildfire in an average office, getting from people’s hands onto the communal coffeepot within hours and spreading from doors to desks almost instantly.


Provide Hand Sanitiser

Hand washing and sanitising is an effective way to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, including cold and flu viruses. Encourage your employees to regularly sanitise their hands by making hand sanitiser available at shared facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms, at the reception desk, next to the photocopier and other office equipment.

Dispose of rubbish contaminated with germs immediately

Items contaminated or potentially contaminated with cold and flu viruses should be disposed of immediately. These could include tissues, disposable wipes used for cleaning surfaces, paper towels etc.

Clean your air conditioner filters

Effective cleaning and maintenance of your AC system helps to reduce the circulation of germs and dirt throughout your office. In a commercial environment, where the AC is running for many hours a day, it is recommended that the filters are cleaned monthly. Clean air conditioner filters make for healthier air and will be more economical to run, saving money for your business.

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