ISO 9001

Health Care Facility Cleaning

Health Care Facility Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in a health care facility requires a more precise level of cleaning than a regular commercial space because of the special challenges these environments present.

These challenges revolve around issues such as liability, regulations, infection control, contamination, hazardous chemicals, sharps and waste disposal, to name a few.

Key points to consider in the care and cleaning of health care facilities:

Infection Control

Correct cleaning of a health care facility goes beyond just aesthetics: health care facilities are required to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in order to reduce the incidence of Health Associated Infections (HAI), which can be passed between patients, staff and visitors. It takes the right products and skill to properly clean and sanitise a health care facility.

Medical Waste Disposal

The collection and disposal of medical waste must be handled, stored, packaged, labelled and transported appropriately to minimise the potential for contact with the waste and to reduce the risk to the environment. Knowledge and compliance of your state and local government Code of Practice and regulations in regards to medical waste disposal is imperative.

Specialised Services

Specialised services are required for sensitive areas such as labs, examination rooms and operating rooms. Your cleaning team should be educated in the latest technologies and products designed for these environments.

Confidentiality & Security

Security and confidentiality are paramount and require special training and awareness. Cleaning staff must maintain confidentiality about the activities in health care facilities.

At Think Solutions we understand that health care facilities cannot compromise when it comes to quality and service. We are committed to continuous improvement and best practice which seamlessly align to our ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

Our integrated support packages deliver an extensive array of value adding options, including Contaminated & Clinical Waste Management, Confidential and General Waste, Hand Hygiene and Paper Products with complementary dispensing systems, Security, Grounds Maintenance and support.

Our on-boarding practices and commitment to education and professional development ensures our staff is capable and aware of both the confidentiality and security intrinsic to the health care environment.

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