ISO 9001

Mining and Industrial Cleaning

Mining and Industrial Cleaning


Mining and industrial sites are unique in their requirements when it comes to cleaning and support services. It is important to ensure your commercial cleaner has the expertise and experience to deliver flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs, with a commitment to positive safety and quality performance outcomes on your worksite.

Your commercial cleaning service should offer:

An Actively Engaged Workforce – Staff assigned to your site should be fully trained and experienced in the mining or industrial sector. They should be professionally presented and actively engaged in achieving defined outcomes and objectives for your work site in a safe and efficient manner.

Effective Supervision & Communication – One single point of contact. A team leader or supervisor permanently assigned to your account and is accountable for the quality of your service and are able to respond to your requests as needed.

Sound Risk Methodology & Safety Performance Outcomes - Facilitate due process to benchmarking performance, change management and continuous improvement. Look for a company with ISO 9001 Certification, as validation of service outcomes is a core component in maintaining 9001:2015 Quality Assurance status.

Innovation & Flexibility – As each client is unique, your commercial cleaner should have the flexibility to work within the framework of your specific requirements. Look for a company offering innovative and value-add products and services designed to support site operations.

Compliance - Mining and industrial are heavily regulated sectors so it is important your commercial cleaning company understands and has experience in these sectors. The core objective should be to maintain best practice to support essential site operations.

Multiple Services - A commercial cleaning company that can deliver multiple service solutions to your site will free up management time and provide cost down initiatives.

Specialist mining and Industrial services could include:

  • Bathhouse and first aid facilities
  • Electrical sub-stations
  • In-pit facilities
  • Fleet detailing, heavy and light vehicles
  • Air stream helmet
  • Stackers and reclaimers

Think Solutions Cleaning and Support have over 31 years of experience in servicing the mining and industrial sectors. We can deliver a range of non-core service solutions and are proactive in regard to cost down initiatives. Our business practices are seamlessly aligned to our ISO 9001 Certification, and facilitate due process to benchmarking performance, change management and continuous improvement.

Talk to us about what your business needs and let us find a solution.