ISO 9001

Local Government

Working in many of our Local Communities

Currently servicing public toilet facilities, sporting grounds, works and waste depots, community halls, libraries, tourist offices and local government infrastructure buildings in both town and rural areas. In some cases seven days per week.

Our service team of committed local individuals ensure all designated areas are consistently well presented and effectively report any security or maintenance issues in a timely manner.

Cost effective, responsive and committed communicators

Why Choose Think Solutions

In corporate uniform, professional and skilled our team members seek to add value to council deliverables to the rate payers and community.

The Think Solutions Team supports Council maintenance staff in regard to asset management with timely reporting of potential issues to ensure all areas are both safe and accessible to the end users in the designated timeframes.

We commit to successfully manage the logistical challenges of numerous sites and seven day service requirements.

Think Solutions Cleaning & Support Team contributes to the perception of both local and visitors alike, who may stop over, appreciate the standard of the amenities on offer, linger, shop or plan a return visit to our community.

Specialist Industrial Services


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What You Can Expect From Us


  • Value for Money and cost down initiatives
  • ISO Quality Management Assurance Certification
  • Experienced & Committed
  • Utilising local businesses and suppliers
  • Employing in geographical area
  • Sustainable business practices & good governance
  • Risk Management
  • Innovative


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Value Adding - with Customised solutions including: Feminine, Hazardous, Confidential & general Waste Disposal, Pest Control, Ground Maintenance, Paper & Skin Care products, Mats & Plant Hire, Consultancy & Business Management Services.


One Size doesn’t Fit All - So we Customise a Program to meet Your specific needs. We currently service Professional Offices, Commercial premises, Financial Institutions, Personal Services and Trade Organisations - all with Individual Service requirements and Budgets.

Medical & Allied Health

In Servicing Hospital Theatres, Recovery Wards, Medical Practices and other Allied Health Professionals we ensure all activities support our Client’s control measures in the prevention of Health Associated Infections (HAI’S).

Mining & Industrial

Positive Site Safety Outcomes: Experienced service provider in both the mining and power sector, delivering a range of non-core business service solutions where our onsite safety performance is a lead driver in meeting contract deliverables.


Entrusted with servicing Primary, Secondary and Day Care facilities we effectively manage critical factors including the security of both Property and Individuals, Safe Work Methods and Reporting.

Local Government

Enhancing rate payer and community perception in regard to the presentation of Public Amenities, council community facilities and administrative infrastructure buildings with safe, timely and effective cleaning service outcomes.